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Alcohol withdrawal
and burnout treatment in Mallorca

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Alcohol withdrawal and burnout treatment in Mallorca – individual, discreet, competent

Welcome to the project Vida Libre

Thanks to the successful therapeutic work of Dr. Coletta Damm supported by Manfred Kleemann, Vida Libre became a household name and has been a very individual alternative to the big well-known clinics for over 11 years. Our guests come to us from all over Europe, and sometimes from other parts of the world, to find new ways for themselves. For you too, Vida Libre could be a chance for your future. Daily intensive individual coaching gives you the exclusive opportunity to free yourself from dependencies and harmful behavioral patterns – hence the name Vida Libre = Free Life.

Together, we support you in making alcohol become meaningless for your life (a phrase of Manfred Kleemann that is often cited by our former clients) and to find your way back to yourself just as it is fitting for you personally. (We will be there for you even after your stay.) Yoga, sports, coaching with horses, massages and further uplifting offers, as well as a very good cuisine, complete our work and help you to enjoy your time with us. To ensure our concept of intensive individual coaching, we only have three guests at the same time. So you and us can work together in a relaxed way. You will feel comfortable in the friendly family atmosphere of our cozy Mallorcan finca. Some of our former guests are happy to talk with you about the time with us if you wish so.

Dr. Coletta Damm 

Manfred Kleemann

Contact us and begin a new life

Our guests come to us to:

Learn to live and enjoy an alcohol-free life

Cope with stress and find calm

Overcome burnout and achieve work-life balance

At Vida Libre you can …

  • discover that alcohol can become meaningless for you
  • regain access to your emotions
  • learn to better set boundaries
  • discover peace, serenity and security
  • regain energy and joie de vivre
  • discover meaning in your life again

Self-awareness, in our sense, means „being aware of oneself“, i.e. not only to know the rational parts of our being, but also to learn to deal with the emotional level.

Have you made more and more effort to meet the demands of everyday life and have you found it increasingly hard?

Do you feel more and more empty and burned out? Do not wait until your soul and / or body has no reserves left. Treat yourself to a positive all-round time out. You, your family and your professional life will benefit greatly from this.

Have you ever tried to stop drinking alcohol because it seemed reasonable to you and you only succeeded in the short term? Many strong-willed and successful people have had the same experience.

Let us help you discover your personal way of letting alcohol become uninteresting for your life. For your well-being, your wealth of ideas, to relax, or as a problem solver, alcohol is superfluous. Treat yourself to the opportunity to experience this here with us.

Take the chance to mentally and physically regenerate yourself at Vida Libre.

Sincerely, from the beautiful Mallorca

Dr. Coletta Damm – Manfred Kleemann

and all employees.